Monday, 12 June 2017

Similarities between Ross Geller and David Schwimmer

   David Schwimmer best known as ROSS GELLER that he played in Warner Bro's FRIENDS sitcom.
It seems David Schwimmer and Ross Geller has a lot of things in common as in real life and reel life.

1 ) Ross Geller almost married Emily from England and David married Zoe Buckman who was born in United Kingdom.
2 ) Ross and David has single daughters to each where as Ross has extra son, Ben
 3 ) This one may come as a bummer to all of our fans, The one about " The Divorce"  
As we already know Ross, The divorce force, Unfortunately David's wife Zoe Buckman, also filed a divorce case, but David isn't happy about it either as he doesn't want his marriage to end in failure as in case of Ross.
Anyhow David and Zoe's divorce isn't final yet. 


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